Our Approach

Every Tony Stark needs a Pepper Potts.
Every Batman needs a Robin.
And every busy person needs an upkū.

upkū is an Canadian-based technology company on a mission to improve the lives of both restauranteurs and diners.

With every step taken, upkū is right beside you to take care of all of the boring stuff – you enjoy the fun stuff! You are a VIP at every restaurant – that’s our promise.

The Name

upkū means to get ahead of the queūe.

The macron bar over the ū signifies a long vowel; “ū” as in you.

Also it means, it’s up to ū, because ū have the tools in ūr hand to determine how ū spend ūr time.

upkū is our story. A story of us changing the way that we interact with each other over both short and long distances.  Together, we are making techology that can work to better humanity one person at a time.

Download upkū. ūse it early. ūse it often.

Help us branch into all of your favourite restaurants! We would be happy if ū helped us expand. With an increasing number of restaurants involved with upkū, we will be better able to serve all the fast foodies out there.

The Mission

Ultimately, we at upku want to give you back control of your time.  Our mission is to help maximize the time you have to enjoy life.  At the same time, to enable businesses with the tools needed to get back to their core focus.  Restaurants on food and service, bars on drinks, and stadium patrons can focus on the event.

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