Our Approach

Every Tony Stark needs a Pepper Potts.
Every Batman needs a Robin.
And every busy person needs an upkū.

upkū is a Canadian-based technology company committed to improving the lives of both restauranteurs and diners.  We want you to be a VIP at every restaurant – that’s our directive.

The Name

upkū means to get ahead of the queue.  The macron bar over the ū signifies a long vowel; “ū” as in you.
It alludes to the idea that it’s up to you.  You have the tools in your hand to determine how you spend your time.  Beyond that, upkū is a word made up over a cup of coffee.  Soon, we would like upkū to become a positive verb in your dictionary.

The Mission

Ultimately, we want to give you back control of your time.  Our mission is to help maximize your going out experience, while at the same time, enable venues with the tools needed to get back to their core focus.  Venues can focus on food, service and drinks, and patrons can focus on enjoying the moment.  upkū isn’t about us, it’s about ū.

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