Bring Customers and Sales
Back To The Table

Access a growing base of diners that want the convenience of ordering and paying ahead of time.

Give guests every reason to come to your more frequently,
by removing all time sensitive barriers.

Do More Business

Making it easier to do business with you.

Convert regular customer to frequent customers.

Turn Tables Faster

Customers can feel confident their seats are secured.  

You can feel confident your tables are being maximized.

All orders are 


Paying ahead means freedom for kitchen to go ahead, and customers to leave soon

Regulars Become
Frequent Customers

“They already love your place, now they will love it even more.  Upkū is a direct line.  Connecting customers to you, immediately”

We noticed that regular customers do become more frequent customers when they use upkū.  It gives them more opportunity to say, yes.  They already love your place, sometimes it’s just simply time constraints that forced them to choose fast food over you.  Its not that fast food was better, it’s because fast food is faster.  Give them fewer reasons to go somewhere else.